A trademarked brand fusing the culture of travel, clothing and hip-hop into one.


To create a brand relatable to all calibers of people with the intent to diversify and create multiple roads that lead to success.


We want to instill a feeling within others assuring them that they are not alone. We are all working towards a goal no matter how different our backgrounds may be. With the Lurktheworld equation for success (hard work + dedication) anything imaginable can be attained. Our purpose is to pursue our purpose while inspiring others to find and pursue thier own.  


Lurk is typically viewed as a word with a negative meaning. However, here at Lurktheworld we like to use it positively. Lurk to us means to SEEK, LEARN, CREATE and FOCUS alongside any other positive verbs that motivate anyone to take whatever they are pursuing to the next level. What we are trying to convey is that no matter what circumstances you are going through, you can be successful by staying focused on your vision and true to yourself. NEVER let anyone or the ways of the world hold you back or bring you down. Surviving your environment and rising above negativity is very important, with discipline and dedication anyone can ultimately conquer every burden, coverting what may seem to be something negative into something positive.


Lurk, Survive and Conquer.
Lurk The World.
For The Traveling Soul.
Culture Never Dies.
Birthed by Culture.